Crescent Chemicals

Carbon Black

Crescent Chemicals offers a full range of Carbon Black for the following industries:

  • Plastics Masterbatch
  • Printing inks
  • Paint and Coatings Industries
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Stock carbon blacks include the following:

  • Carbon Black YFP3021 – Low colour furnace black, economical cost, paint QD systems
  • Carbon Black YCP3211 – Medium colour gas black, high tint strength, easy grind, 2K systems
  • Carbon Black YCP7200 – High colour gas black, high end automotive systems


Crescent Chemicals can provide a carbon black for any application.



DISCLAIMER: All product information and application data provided has been done so with the best of our knowledge and that provided by suppliers. This information should be used for guidance only and any product selected first be tested in a particular application before use. Due to the limited capabilities and differences between computer monitors, all colour swatches displayed on this web site may differ from actual pigment colour and are to be used as a guide only. Crescent Chemicals accepts no responsibility for loss or damages resulting from product failure or wrongful use of a product.