Crescent Chemicals

Solvent Dyes

Crescent Chemicals supplies a wide range of solvent dyes for applications in plastics, wood stains, printing inks, wax etc. Our products include metal complex dyes and certain dye dispersions.

Tianjin Green B Solvent Green 1
Transparent Green 5B Solvent Green 3
Fluorescent Yellow 8G Solvent Green 5
Transparent Green B Solvent Green 7
Tianjin Green 2B Solvent Green 8
Tianjin Green TB Solvent Green 20
Transparent Green G Solvent Green 28
Transparent Yellow 3GL Solvent Yellow 12
Transparent Orange R Solvent Yellow 14
Transparent Yellow 3GL Solvent Yellow 16
Transparent Yellow SG Solvent Yellow 18
Tianjin Yellow 44 Solvent Yellow 19
Transparent Yellow 2G Solvent Yellow 21
Transparent Yellow TP Solvent Yellow 33
Tianjin Yellow RL Solvent Yellow 34
Tianjin Yellow RS Solvent Yellow 44
Transparent Yellow HLR Disperse Yellow 54
Transparent Yellow 5R Disperse Yellow 56
Tianjin Yellow 3GL Solvent Yellow 64
Transparent Yellow 2GH Solvent Yellow 72
Tianjin Orange H Solvent Yellow 77
Tianjin Yellow 2H Solvent Yellow 82
Transparent Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 93
Fluorescent Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 98
Transparent Yellow G Solvent Yellow 114
Tianjin Yellow WL Solvent Yellow 135
Fluorescent Yellow 9GF Solvent Yellow 145
Polyester Yellow AGR Solvent Yellow 147
TransparentYellow HGN Solvent Yellow 157
Fluorescent Yellow 10GN Solvent Yellow 160:1
Transparent Yellow GS Solvent Yellow 163
Transparent Yellow 3GL Solvent Yellow 176
Fluorescent Yellow 10G Solvent Yellow 185
Victoria Blue B Base Solvent Blue 4
Victoria Blue BO Base Solvent Blue 5
Victoria Blue R Base Solvent Blue 6
Transparent Blue BG Solvent Blue 11
Transparent Blue 2N Solvent Blue 35
Transparent Blue AP Solvent Blue 36
Tianjin Blue 722 Solvent Blue 38
Transparent Blue ZV Solvent Blue 58
Transparent Blue N Solvent Blue 59
Transparent Blue GN Solvent Blue 63
Tianjin Blue 807 Solvent Blue 70
Tianjin Blue G Solvent Blue 78
Transparent Blue R Solvent Blue 97
Transparent Blue 4G Solvent Blue 101
Transparent Blue 2B Solvent Blue 104
TransparentBlue R Solvent Blue 122
Methyl Violet Base Solvent Violet 8
Crystal Violet Base Solvent Violet 9
Transparent Violet B Solvent Violet 13
Tianjin Violet 5R Solvent Violet 18
Transparent Violet 3B Solvent Violet 26
Transparent Violet RR Solvent Violet 28
Transparent Violet BS Solvent Violet 31
Transparent Violet 3R Solvent Violet 36
Transparent Violet FBL Solvent Violet 37
Transparent Violet R Solvent Violet 59
Tianjin Violet 2R Disperse Violet 11
Transparent Violet RL Disperse Violet 26
Tianjin Violet 4R Disperse Violet 28
Tianjin Orange RC Solvent Orange 2
Tianjin Orange 2B Solvent Orange 3
Tianjin Orange 3B Solvent Orange 45
Tianjin Orange 4B Solvent Orange 54
Transparent Orange 3G Solvent Orange 60
Transparent Orange RH Solvent Orange 62
Fluorescent Red GG Solvent Orange 63
Transparent Orange 2G Solvent Orange 86
Transparent Orange 2R Solvent Orange 105
Transparent Orange R Solvent Orange 107
Fluorescent Red 5B Vat Red 41
Transparent Red G Solvent Red 1
Transparent Red GB Solvent Red 8
Transparent Red HRR Solvent Red 23
Transparent Red BR Solvent Red 24
Transparent Red Yjo-1 Solvent Red 25
Transparent Red 3BR Solvent Red 26
Tianjin Red 3302 Solvent Red 49
TransparentRed H5B Solvent Red 52
Tianjin Red 3303 Solvent Red 56
Tianjin Red 3305 Solvent Red 109
Transparent Red GS Solvent Red 111
Tianjin Red 3306 Solvent Red 119
Tianjin Red 3311 Solvent Red 122
Tianjin Red 3313 Solvent Red 124
Tianjin Red 3312 Solvent Red 132
Transparent Red EG Solvent Red 135
Transparent Red FB Solvent Red 146
Fluorescent Red HFG Solvent Red 149
Tianjin Red 3309 Solvent Red 168
Tianjin Red 3310 Solvent Red 169
Transparent Red E2G Solvent Red 179
Transparent Red BB Solvent Red 195
Fluorescent Red BK Solvent Red 196
Transparent Red GK Solvent Red 197
Transparent Red CHA Solvent Red 207
Tianjin Red 3314 Solvent Red 218
Tianjin Red 3315 Solvent Red 222
Fluorescent Red 3B Solvent Red 242
Fluorescent Red 4B Solvent Red 299
Transparent Black B Solvent Black 3
Nigrosine Black 6601 Solvent Black 5
Nigrosine Black 6602 Solvent Black 7
Tianjin Black X51 Solvent Black 27
Transparent Black GB Solvent Black 34
Tianjin Black 3H Solvent Black 46
Fluorescent Red G Disperse Red 277
Fluorescent Red BG Disperse Red 196
Fluorescent Red 2GL Disperse Red 362
Fluorescent Yellow 8GFL Disperse Yellow 124
Fluorescent Yellow 8GFF Disperse Yellow 82
Fluorescent Yellow II Disperse Yellow 71


DISCLAIMER: All product information and application data provided has been done so with the best of our knowledge and that provided by suppliers. This information should be used for guidance only and any product selected first be tested in a particular application before use. Due to the limited capabilities and differences between computer monitors, all colour swatches displayed on this web site may differ from actual pigment colour and are to be used as a guide only. Crescent Chemicals accepts no responsibility for loss or damages resulting from product failure or wrongful use of a product.