Crescent Chemicals

Transparent Iron Oxides

Solvent Systems

The Crescent Chemicals SB series are solvent-borne dispersions of transparent iron oxides which are used for colouring woodstains. The SB series are linseed oil based, odourless and environmentally friendly.

Available in the following colours:

  • SB608Y (Yellow)
  • SB708R (Red)
  • SB908B (Black)
  • SB1008BR (Brown)

Water-based Systems

The Crescent Chemicals SPW series are water-borne dispersions of transparent iron oxides. With distilled water used as the solvent, the SPW range is low VO and promotes environmental protection. This range is perfect for colouring in all kinds of water-borne acrylic and polyurethane systems.

Available in the following colours:

  • SPW608Y (Yellow)
  • SPW708R (Red)
  • SPW928B (Black)


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